Accelerating Delivery

Discussion table

Learn from
Keith Dargie

Chief Information Digital Officer


Overseeing agency - and sector - transformation across the Scottish justice system.
Marten Kaevats

Former Estonian Government's Chief Innovation Officer


Former Estonian Government's Chief Innovation Officer.
Robbie Bhatti

Business Development Director


Over 20 years of experience in the Business & Technology industry.
About the session

When it comes to optimising impact, speed of delivery has a quality all of its own.

Join us for insights from the experience of our discussion table co-hosts as we ask:

  1. Government has spoken of the “fierce urgency of now” when it asked departments to accelerate delivery. What made this acceleration possible in the short-term - and how sustainable is this in the long-term?

  2. What impact does the pressure to 'do more with less, faster' have on your team - and how are you managing that?

  3. Government departments are now at a key moment of transition. What processes, systems and practices can you put in place to permanently raise the floor of operational delivery?