Citizen Experience

Discussion table

Learn from
Mary Barber

Customer Engagement Transformation Director


Mary has over 30 years’ experience in delivering successful digital and customer focussed strategic change programmes across a variety of business areas including organisational change.
Xiaopu Fung

Director, Product and Service Delivery


Xiaopu leads the delivery of the new Service Canada Digital Centre
About the session

Research from the Demos think tank suggests that citizens want a less transactional, and more relationship-based service model. How should public sector bodies rethink the citizen journey to deliver genuine user-centred services?

Join us for insights from the experience of our discussion table co-hosts as we ask:

  1. How have user needs and expectations changed? What kind of relationship are citizens looking for with Government?

  2. What are the levers we can pull to improve citizen engagement and trust?

  3. How are you hearing the voice of the user? If it’s the ‘edge case’ users that need the most help - how do we design services with them in mind?