Cross-Government Functions

Discussion table

Learn from
Tim Parish

Senior Sales Engineer


Tim collaborates with various UK public sector organisations to educate and inform on the art of the possible in how they manage their data management and processing workloads to achieve better results.
Jon Simonsson

Chairman, Committee for Technological Innovation and Ethics (Komet)


Before becoming full-time Komet chairman, Jon Simonsson headed the Department of Innovation, Research and Financing at the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation.
Mark Cheeseman OBE

Interim Chief Executive Officer


One of the leading experts on the management of fraud and fraud risk in the UK.
About the session

The Government's "Review of the Cross-Cutting Functions and the Operation of Spend Controls" lay the groundwork for the Declaration on Government Reform.

Join us as our discussion table co-hosts answer your questions, and these:

  1. How do we improve capability and performance in critical operational functions like finance, procurement, HR, IT and digital?
  2. What can we learn from existing best practice within the Civil Service - and what change is required?
  3. Where are the biggest opportunities to reduce waste and how should Civil Service managers respond to the new mandate for reform?