Digital Leadership

Discussion table

Learn from
Jas Bilen

People Director


Drives the people strategy, providing creative and outcomes-focused frameworks.
Liz McKeown

Executive Director, Digital Community Development and Management Office


20 years in government technology. Liz leverages her passion to build the digital acumen and culture of the Canadian Public Service.

About the session

The National Audit Office has identified a number of 'Challenges to Implementing Digital Change' - which included the complexity of transitioning away from large-scale legacy IT; lack of risk management and agile development skills; viewing digital as a one-off capital project and failing to provide for ongoing improvement; and poor understanding of emergent technologies.

In light of the NAO's findings, join us for insights from this discussion table's co-hosts as we ask:

  1. The Government has called for more technical skills within the Civil Service. What are the skills, experiences and capabilities needed in future?

  2. How do we break down barriers between operations and policy?

  3. We’ve seen a big shift in the risk associated with inaction as a result of the pandemic, and a general acceleration in delivery. How do we improve risk management within Whitehall?