Joined-Up Services

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Anais Reding

Chief Engagement & Design Officer


Responsible for the UK Government's service to facilitate Foreign Direct Investment

About the session

Joined-up government is based on the view that public policy goals cannot be met through the separate activities of existing organisations, nor can they be delivered by grouping several departments under a common agency. The idea is to

What role is data playing in fixing fragmented citizen services? What are the biggest stumbling blocks to improving decision-making? How do we balance specific data user needs in a department with a desire for data interoperability across government?

This session brings together perspectives from our discussion table co-hosts as we discuss:

  1. How can we improve the alignment of agency activities with particular goals, coordinating activities across departmental boundaries without removing the boundaries themselves?
  2. How can we simplify the user experience within a complex service ecosystem?
  3. How we create the incentives and trust to tackle the culture of risk aversion around data use and sharing?