Panel: Equipping Leaders to Drive Digital Change

Panel discussion

Learn from
Haroona Irshad-Perricos

Covid Pass Programme Director


 Haroona has led several high-profile delivery Programmes across the public and private sector.
Liz McKeown

Executive Director, Digital Community Development and Management Office


20 years in government technology. Liz leverages her passion to build the digital acumen and culture of the Canadian Public Service.

Ed Pearce

Chief Delivery Officer


Chief Delivery Officer at CloudSource
About the session
What new skills do leaders need to acquire to ensure their organisations embrace transformation and are future-fit?

  1. What kind of leaders will the civil service need in future? 
  2. Where and how will we find them?
  3. Government still seems to struggle with implementing technology projects. What has been your experience and what do we need to do differently to deliver well?
  4. What steps do we need to take to unlock the potential of a digitally capable workforce?