Panel: Future Delivery Models

Panel discussion

Learn from
Anais Reding

Chief Engagement & Design Officer


Anais is responsible for the UK's online investment and export promotion services. She also looks after the strategy, engagement and user-centred design professions in the Department for International Trade.

Xiaopu Fung

Director, Product and Service Delivery


Xiaopu leads the delivery of the new Service Canada Digital Centre
Kristoff Hemelinckx

Chief Digital and Information Officer


Kristoff is the Chief Digital and Information Officer (CDIO) at the Ministry of Justice
About the session
What opportunities are there for services to be delivered differently as a result of shifting citizen requirements and new technical capabilities?
  1. What’s your vision for service transformation in your organisation, recognising the need for engagement with the public, and what are the pressures and opportunities shaping that vision?
  2. What is the ideal plan for delivering this vision - and what are the key steps to get there?
  3. The challenges of the last 3 years have driven fundamental change in how the government works. How hard has this been for your organisation and what has been the biggest impact?
  4. The past 18 months has seen unprecedented cooperation between the government and the community. How do we sustain and grow this collaboration in future?