Using Design Thinking for Successful Digital Transformation

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Justyna Orlowska

Prime Minister's High Representative for Government Technology


Prime Minister's High Representative for Government Technology & GameDev, Minister of Education and Science's High Representative for Digital Transformation.
Paul Rawson

Head of Digital Service Design


Paul has over 20 years-experience in IT and digital, with nearly 10 of those at NHS Digital. 
About the session

Often the biggest risk to your project is not whether you can deliver it on time, but whether anyone will be using it in the end.  Or use it under duress!

A lot of transformation programmes tend to be tech driven.  But the tech tends not to be the hard part.  Often we build the wrong things or build things that are horrible to use and don't meet the needs of our users.

We need to spend more time understanding the problem we're trying to solve, and the users we're trying to serve, nearly summed up with "Find the right problem to solve". "Solve it in the right way"

This session will discuss Design Thinking and how it can help solve your gnarly business problems and line-up your transformation project for success.