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Paul Rawson

Head of Digital Service Design


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Paul has over 20 years-experience in IT and digital, with nearly 10 of those at NHS Digital. Having been a developer and solutions architect, he then moved into product management. He had an epiphany in the mid-2010’s when he realised that there was lots of technically excellent solutions being delivered but many were missing the mark in terms of meeting the basic needs of the user, never mind delighting them.  A pivot into Service Design, including a MSc in Healthcare & Design from Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art, has led him to be the Head of Digital Service Design at Mastek – a global player in digital transformation. Paul particularly loves gnarly problems where the size, scope and shape of the problem space is hard to get your arms round. 

Using Design Thinking for Successful Digital Transformation

A lot of transformation programmes tend to be tech driven.  But the tech tends not to be the hard part.  Often we build the wrong things or build things that are horrible to use and don't meet the needs of our users.
9:45 AM
22 September 2022
Assembly Hall
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